On What Planet Does Retha Faurie Live?

Feminist blogger Retha Faurie wrote a post titled “on what planet does Mary Kassian live” concerning a quote taken from complimentarian advocate Mary Kassian’s book “the feminist mistake”.

Yet, she never even took the time to read the book:

I have never read Mary Kassian’s “The feminist mistake”, but I have read this quote from it

Firstly, knowing the context behind the quote is the only way to establish a credible response

Secondly, she believes anyone who disagrees with her needs to provide the context for her:

A fan of Kassian could say that I took one sentence “out of context” from a book I did not read. If so, they are welcome to provide a context…

Finally, here is the quote she criticizes from Kassians book “The Feminist Mistake”

“women grow up thinking that the essence of womanhood is the exercise of personal power – including sexual power”

This is Ms. Faurie’s bizarro response.

“Today’s allegedly free young women in the Western world are Google-ing terms like “what should I do if my boyfriend wants to choke me?” Even when a man wants to do something that could actually kill them, they do not feel they should simply refuse and leave him. They think that it is unattractive for them to have or use the personal sexual power of “no, I don’t want to do it.”

I hardly think the Kassian’s quote was ever directed towards a whole generation of “mindless” young women who are plagued by BDSM! Good grief! Why not throw in a disability or two for more effect! This is just dumpster diving and she is rummaging through the garbage desperately searching for something she can turn into some sort of victimhood.

Ms.Faurie is trying to set up that men are really to blame when sweet and innocent women participate in immoral sexual acts. Ms. Faurie seems be a brave voice of women’s equality when it suits her, but thinks us women we are way too infantile to be held  responsible for our actions if it doesn’t suit her! Many women, despite this presumption of innocence, willingly participate in sexual activities that isn’t their “cup of tea” are exercising their sexual power in order to get something they want from a man such as status, attention, long-term relationship or marriage. If the man grants the woman her desires, then everything is sexy and romantic, however, if the man doesn’t comply with her wishes-all hell breaks loose! She can choose to exercise even more sexual power by revoking consent to the activity long after the relationship sizzles out. Just ask Jian Ghomeshi how this went for him when he failed to comply!

Ms. Faurie proceeds to spread an even bigger net of victim hood.

Young women today are told it is wrong (“kink-shaming”) to shame sadistic men. Some men have fantasies of hitting women, treating them as slaves and objects and calling them sexual slurs. According to modern society, these men cannot be criticized for acting out those fantasies, as long as they get the women involved to not refuse.

Ms. Faurie wants women to have the same rights of adults with the responsibilities of children! Her entire premise is that women aren’t responsible when they participate in perverted sexual acts because men need to be held accountable! I suggest trying to kink shame a dominatrix? How about shaming a promiscuous woman, or a woman having an abortion? This is typical feminist rationality!

Many teenage girls nowadays do anal sex – not because they like to do it, but because they believe that they, as girls, should submit to what boyfriends want. Christian culture, despite its insistence on female virginity, also often say that women are supposed to submit to men.

The first problem with this tirade is that it’s immoral for a girlfriend to be having sex with a boyfriend. The secondly problem is anal sex and BDSM is sodomy and this would be immoral even in marriage. Lastly, a girlfriend isn’t required to submit to her boyfriend since he isn’t responsible for her. Ms. Faurie must not understand that authority accompanies responsibility. In holy matrimony, the husband and wife form into one identity, with one head who is the husband. The husband is obligated to cover his wife with his protection and provision which, in turn, obligates the wife to depend on, trust in, and obey her husband. This is not a very hard concept to comprehend: You see, it would be cruel to expect a wife to submit to her husband if she is expected to go off to work and support the household like a husband. This simple concept of holy matrimony not only goes over the heads of egalitarians, but it also evades complimentarians like Mary Kassian who are just covertly teaching a lighter form of feminism.

A person at the comments section typifies the attitude of the feminist rebellion:

Sadly, Mary Kassain is a mouth piece for CBMW, and their affiliates. She can make comments about women that males couldn’t get away with. They use her for that purpose, and hail her for doing her job…as the movement’s helpmeet!

I guess Mary Kassian is also being controlled and manipulated by men!

Notice the commentator totally understands that women currently sit on the throne of authority in her declaration that men can’t get away with calling out feminists in sinful rebellion? It’s terribly sad that men feel they need to hide behind women like Mary Kassian because they are terrified of experiencing the wrath of feminists! Ironically, Mary Kassian and most Complimentarians are only millimeters apart from radical feminists, but even slight differences aren’t tolerated by feminists!

Sounds like the fall is repeating itself once again!


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